A database of examples and evidence supporting open youth work as a method of bettering the lives of young people. It contains best-practice models and activities of open youth work, as well as innovations in the field. Here can also be found a collection of previous projects of research and empirical studies on the topic. 
In order to create the picture of an ideal youth centre, we needed to hear the voices of young people, the main users of youth centres. A total of 47 young people, aged between 16 and 29, were interviewed. Here you can find the vision of young people, summed up by youth workers who worked on this project to show what an ideal youth centre should look like.
Recommendations on how youth work can be implemented and, above all, how the positive perception and recognition of open youth work can be improved. It contains: a vision of a youth centre in terms of space, time and conditions; a detailed description of open youth work; recommendations about youth workers’ profile.


OPEN YOUTH WORK FOR OPEN SOCIETY is an international project that aims to raise awareness about open youth work and stimulates a discussion through different perspectives of young people, youth workers and social scientists. The project involves five partners from different countries that worked together to create this dossier as an argumentation aid to support open youth work.


Voices of the project

A small overview of young people’s opinions on the youth centre

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